Impact Showcase Report: The Regional Asia-Pacific Programme on Human Rights and Sustainable Development 2017-2023 – World | ReliefWeb

Between 2019-2023, the Raoul Wallenberg Institute’s (RWI) Regional Asia-Pacific Programme on Human Rights and Sustainable Development has effectively promoted human rights perspectives and fostered the interplay between human rights, the environment, gender equality and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) across the Asia-Pacific region. The Programme has also added value in convening stakeholders from diverse sectors and backgrounds, facilitated cross-institutional and cross-country learning, and nurtured numerous collaborations and potential future partnerships. The knowledge of, and capacity to apply, human rights approaches to environmental protection and climate change policies and programmes have improved considerably across the region since 2019, allowing for increased engagement on critical issues, such as just transitions.

In total, the RAPP has reached 4,093 stakeholders from 39 countries through trainings, workshops, digital campaigns, knowledge dissemination and regional and global conferences. These stakeholder groups comprised academia, government officials, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, the media and judicial officials.

Nevertheless, two questions remain: what changes were really made at the outcome level, and how were these documented?

Download the Impact Showcase Report, and feel free to share widely among your networks.

Many thanks to all our stakeholders and partners across the Asia-Pacific, especially the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency’s generous support is greatly appreciated.